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Isaac Carrada

Isaac Carrada

Developer Audience Product Marketing Manager

Ciberseguridad como habilitador de la transformación digital

diciembre 6, 2021 - 13:00

Para disfrutar al máximo los beneficios que brinda la Tecnología y la Digitalización es fundamental atender el reto que implica la Ciberseguridad. Discutiremos el escenario actual, retos y tendencias en la materia.


My path has taken me through music & festival production, sound design for film, managing a team for making reports for Sales, leading Developer Advocates and now Azure Product Marketing Manager for Developers. This has allowed me to continuously develop holistic abilities that enable me to narrow the gap between disruptive technology and knowing how to use it. Using this knowledge I seek to educate anyone on this matters as well as position this technologies in people's share of mind, mostly enabling startups and developers to change the world through technology!

Some Accomplishments:

-International Hacks Winner (CEMEX, Symbioticon)

-Record Guinness Rupture Lead (World's Biggest Software Class in Talentland 2019)

-Developer Audience Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft

-Platzi Teacher: AI with watson