Garo Yeriazarian

Principal Consultant 2

Raise your Minimum Expectations for Software Delivery using DevOps

diciembre 7, 2021 - 12:00

It's 2021 and we shouldn't need to deal with cumbersome software delivery processes anymore. The technology and processes are here and easily accessible to make software delivery harder (not more difficult, but more secure), better (deliver value that's useful to end users), faster (improve time to market), and stronger (more resilient). In this talk, I'll show you my minimum expectations for a modern software delivery process from setting up your local development environment, automating the deployment into the cloud, monitoring and observing the operations, and making life easier for the developers who will follow you later. While the code may be in C#, the strategies discussed will be applicable to any software development project that you can take and add your own flavor to it.


Born and raised in the ever-expanding Greater Houston Area. Garo has been messing with software for at least 29 years, writing it for money for about 18 years, talking about it for maybe 22 years and loving every clock cycle of it. He was the Software Whisperer at Baker Hughes: leading software teams, conducting design reviews, and coaching people on how to put the 0's and 1's in a close enough order to make things work. Now, he is a Principal Consultant (and Software Whisperer) at Headspring for the past three-ish years, making silky smooth software for all sorts of companies, leading the Infrastructure & DevOps practice, coaching developers in how not to cause major outages in their first weeks on the job (and maybe a few weeks after that), and bringing mirth and merriment everywhere he goes.