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Arnoldo Montaño

Arnoldo Montaño

Frontend Developer

Make an impact: Working remotely at a high-growth startup as a full-time Latin American engineer

diciembre 9, 2021 - 10:00

Today we’re speaking about how remote engineers can make a big Impact from their own city. We will explore the advantages and challenges of working for a global tech company as a remote Latin American developer.


Arnoldo Montaño became an engineer because he wanted to create video games. He is a Frontend Developer with over 10 years of experience working remotely for a world-class startup. Presently, Arnoldo is a Frontend Developer at EasyKnock, a New York based startup that has raised over $340 million to empower homeowners to convert their equity into cash without strict lender qualifications. Moreover, Arnoldo is a content creator, founder and director of a YouTube channel called Hey Arnoldo Montaño where he posts videos about science, pop culture and other interesting topics found on the internet. The channel has become incredibly popular in Latin America with over half a million subscribers and his videos have been viewed over 90 million times.