Raise your Minimum Expectations for Software Delivery using DevOps // Headspring // Garo Yeriazarian

It's 2021 and we shouldn't need to deal with cumbersome software delivery processes anymore. The technology and processes are here and easily accessible to make software delivery harder (not more difficult, but more secure), better (deliver value that's useful to end users), faster (improve time to market), and stronger (more resilient). In this talk, I'll show you my minimum expectations for a modern software delivery process from setting up your local development environment, automating the deployment into the cloud, monitoring and observing the operations, and making life easier for the developers who will follow you later. While the code may be in C#, the strategies discussed will be applicable to any software development project that you can take and add your own flavor to it.


Dic 07 2021




Talent Land Latinoamérica